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International Builders’ Show 2019: Best in Home Technology (KEMF Life Simplified)

By Erin Lyons 2 min read

It’s that time of year again! That’s right, the International Builders' Show is next week. Hundreds of thousands of professionals working in one facet or another in the homebuilding industry will fly out to Las Vegas to attend the largest conference known to this niche. As you begin prepping for this highly anticipated annual event (whether you’re attending or not), we’ve pinpointed some of the finalists for this year’s Best of IBS award within the home technology category that you can catch at the show.

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KEMF Life Simplified, Inc. is taking homeownership to new levels by developing two products that make weathering any storm much more manageable! Come rain, shine, snow, or ice, TEK-Mesh™, and HOTflake/HOT-blocks™ have enabled the Canadian manufacturing firm to make the cut as a finalist in this year's show.

TEK-Mesh™ gutter protectors deliver a high-quality product that enables homeowners to better protect their walls, foundations, and landscapes to ensure they are maintaining a sustainable living. The unique design of this product includes thousands of 2.0-mm holes and raised mesh covers to prevent clogging and efficiently channel excess rainwater. It also comes in ten different anodized colors, so take your pick of this rust-free, low maintenance product!



HOTflake/HOT-blocks™ are outdoor heated mats designed for industrial use that include waterproof cable screw connectors meant for both safety and efficiency. These anti-slip mats melt snow and ice, preventing anyone from slipping or sliding around on otherwise icy surfaces in chilly temperatures. What’s the difference between the two? HOT-blocks™ are more heavy-duty and work better for outdoor stairways or handicap ramps. 



Check out both of these products at the conference in Vegas at Booth SU559.

Originally published Feb 14, 2019 4:19:10 PM under Industry Outlook, updated November 9, 2021

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